At Lusha Roy Fine Jewelry ("LRFJ"), one of our greatest strengths lies within our ability to customize and create original pieces.  In addition to our growing LRFJ signature collection, we take tremendous pride in creating jewelry for our distinguished clientele, allowing them to express their own personalities and make their own mark.

If you would like to create your own signature piece, whether from an engagement ring to a statement necklace, or perhaps you are looking for a modernization of a family heirloom, LRFJ will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the finest experience there is. 

The Custom Jewelry Process

Step 1: Let’s Dream.

At LRFJ, customization means you get exactly what you want.  A signature piece unlike any out there that you can put your name to and call your own. The process starts with setting up a consultation with an LRFJ designer.  To do so, please complete the form, below, and provide us with initial details.  Once received, the completed form will be personally reviewed by Lusha Roy and a phone consultation will be scheduled to begin the discussion. Once the design has been discussed and agreed upon, LRFJ will provide you with a price quote and an estimated delivery time. If you choose to proceed, a deposit will get your dream piece started.

Step 2: The Making. 

The LRFJ team utilizes cutting edge 3D Computer Aided Design technology to design and build a scale model of your piece.

Once the model is perfected, the LRFJ design team will send you renderings of the piece so that you will have an exact picture of how the finished jewelry will look. Once final approval is received, a 3D printing machine will create a wax model, which will serve as the mold for the gold setting of your signature piece.  At this point, diamonds and gemstones are carefully selected for size and quality.

LRFJ will then cast the setting, hand-set each diamond or gemstone, polish and finish the new piece to perfection. As with every step in the process, Lusha will personally inspect the new creation to ensure that it meets the brand's rigorous standards.

Step 3: It's Yours. 

Once completed, LRFJ will ship your piece with insurance and tracking details and will also provide a certified appraisal, if applicable.  We proudly stand by all of our work and can assure you that your new custom jewelry guarantees your dreams stay alive.

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